Used Cars for Sale Northern Ireland

Not sure what you’re looking for? Carlover NI smart search will help you find a used car that matches your exact needs. Browse economical cars, family friendly cars, low tax cars, no tax cars, first time buyer cars and performance cars used cars for sale in Northern Ireland.

Economical Used Cars


Browse our selection of economical used cars and get more for your money. Save £££’s on fuel by buying an electric, hybrid or a super efficient petrol or diesel car.

Popular models include Toyota Prius, Seat Leon, Volkswagen Golf

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Family Friendly Used Cars

Family Friendly

Browse our selection of family friendly used cars and experience comfort like never before! Enjoy the luxury of both space and safety for your family. With large boot space, 5 doors, 5 seats (at least) and plenty of room in the cabin, you'll find the perfect car for you and the kids in no time!

Popular models include Hyundai i30, Kia Sportage, Audi Q3

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Low Tax Used Cars

Low Tax

Hate paying car road tax? We've made it easy to search for used cars that fall into the lower UK tax bands. With their efficient low emission engines you'll save £££'s'. These cars will only cost you £30 or less to tax every year. Brilliant, right?

Popular models include BMW 1-Series, Audi A1, Toyota Yaris

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No Tax Used Cars

No Tax

What's better than paying low road tax? Paying no road tax! Browse our selection of used cars that fall into the UK's lowest tax bands with fuel efficient low emission engines.

Popular models include Mini Hatch, Renault Megane, Ford Focus

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First Time Buyer Used Cars

First Time Buyer

Just passed your driving test and looking your first car? Perfect! Browse our handy list of first time buyer cars and embrace freedom! Our selection of first time buyer cars are small hatchbacks that are cheap to insure, have low tax, are fuel efficient and won’t break the bank.

Popular models include Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo, Fiat 500

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Performance Used Cars


Are you a petrol head craving a car that’s got plenty of horsepower?! Great! Browse our huge selection of performance used cars with 200+ BHP and a 0-60 acceleration time of less than 7 seconds. Nice!

Popular models include BMW M4, Ford Focus ST-3, Seat Leon FR

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